✨Presenting✨ ‘Devil's Road’, the fifth and final single from The Weeping Willows’ sophomore album, ‘Before Darkness Comes A-Callin'’… https://youtu.be/gWUo9NKmETA

Directed, shot & edited by Lachlan Bryan
Choreographer & production assistant: Billy-Jo Royle
Assistant Choreographer: Meg Royle
Dancers: Emily Royle, Meg Royle, Darcy Taylor and Lara Taylor.
Hell Band: Chelsea Allen & Megan Bird (Great Aunt).
Hell Hounds: Connor, Calli, Louie and Meg.
Dog Wranglers: Michael Webster, Yvonne Dunbar and Hollie Edwards.
Production Assistants: Gretta Ziller, Chelsea Allen and Megan Bird. 
Very special thanks to:
Great Dane Rescue Victoria.
Mark and Mick of The Merri Creek Tavern.
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